SPN & Associates History

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In 1961, Bernie E. Schmucker and Richard H. Shaffer founded a small engineering firm in Mitchell, South Dakota. The firm employed four people, and was located in the old Medical Arts building in Downtown Mitchell.

Today the firm has grown to a firm that employs over 30 people in two offices at locations in Mitchell and Aberdeen. The firm’s clientele includes cities, towns, counties, state and federal agencies and private enterprises from every corner of South Dakota and portions of North Dakota. The services offered by the firm encompass a broad diversity of civil and environmental disciplines.

Despite the growth and change of our company over the years, the mission of SPN and Associates is the same today as it was the day it was founded. We strive to provide our clients with the best technical expertise and professional representation available and to enhance the growth and development of the communities for whom we work. At all times and in all endeavors, we strive to promote the best interest of our clients and the natural environment.